28 Gorgeous Photos That’ll Convince You to Get Short Hair With Bangs

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The decision to cut off a sizable amount of hair or get bangs are separately two major hair decisions, but to do both at once is commitment. But sometimes you just need a change, and after (careful) thought, if you’re ready to go for it, we wholeheartedly support that decision. Especially when there are so many ways to wear short hair with bangs. Just ask celeb stylists Marcus Francis and Nicola Clarke who’ve shared their favorite looks with pro styling tips to match. From edgy pixies with baby bangs to classic bobs with eye-grazing fringe—and everything in between—let our #hairspiration gallery guide you.

Keep reading for our top short hair with bangs picks. 

Meet the Expert

  • Marcus Francis is a celebrity hairstylist. His clients include Julianne Moore, Emma Roberts, and Olivia Colman.
  • Nicola Clarke is a celebrity stylist and Virtue brand ambassador. She is based in the UK.

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Choppy Lob and Bangs

Kerry Washington wavy lob with choppy bangs

Whether she’s rocking a pixie or embracing volumized natural curls, Kerry Washington can do no wrong when it comes to hair. Here, rather than wear just any old lob, she goes for an edgier interpretation. Francis explains, “The choppy bangs give another dimension to the choppy lob. It’s a youthful look, framing the face, but keeps its cool-girl touch with the length and texture.” To get her glossy tresses, he recommends Better Natured Shine Glaze ($22).

Keeping the ends of the bangs from feeling rounded or too “perfect” allows for the cool, effortless look of this cut. Flat iron S waves throughout the hair for an easy day-to-night look.

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Ursula Corbero mullet

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, a mullet has made the number two spot on our list because, well, haven't you heard? Mullets are cool again. This look is flattering—and not just because of Úrsula Corberó's amazing bone structure—but also thanks to her soft and feminine bangs, notes Clarke. "You could take this look to another level and bleach the ends leaving the roots dark which would make it very rock," she adds.

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Coily Volumized Bob

Soo Joo Park blonde curly bob with bangs

DJ and model Soo Joo Park opts for curls and volume with her blonde bob. In good form, she incorporates layers for added texture and movement. By leaving her hair straight on top, she emphasizes her coily bangs and mane below.

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Bedhead hair

This undone curtain bangs cut captures the epitome of sexy bedhead hair: tousled, messy, and throwing just woke up vibes. While you may be tempted to replicate the look by sporting actual bedhead, we recommend Jen Atkin’s technique which is simple, yet effective. You’ll nail the perfect off-duty hair every time.

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Updo With Blunt, Wispy Bangs

Sienna Miller ponytail with long, wispy bangs

Sienna Miller proves that bangs and updos are a match made in hair heaven. "These bangs are blunt, but styled in a wispy way," notes Francis. If you need to smooth out the texture a bit, he suggests using a medium-size round brush and even a mini flat iron at the roots.

Tapering bangs on the sides is the trick for having them feel soft yet sexy, connecting to the rest of the hairstyle.

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Sideswept Bangs

Karlie Kloss

Thanks to their versatility and the fact that they require minimal upkeep, side-swept bangs are ideal for lazy girls—and those with diamond-shaped faces—while also adding depth to a short haircut. Combine with layers to pump up the volume.

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Gray Mushroom Cut

KeKe Palmer gray mushroom cut

KeKe Palmer's thick mushroom cut really allows for her gray color to stand out. Bangs here are front and center, creating a look that is bold, sophisticated, and a surefire way to make a statement. By just barely brushing the tips of the lashes, these bangs also effectively showcase the eyes.

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Bob With Ombré Bangs

Sofía Boutella bob with ombré bangs

Pictured: a flawless It-girl haircut on Sofia Boutella. This ombré style achieves a color-melting effect of dark roots to blonde bangs, mids, and ends that is ah-mazing. Work in some smoothing cream for a frizz-free finish.

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Tousled Bob With Micro Fringe

Alison Sudol textured A-line bob with micro bangs

Micro fringes are trending, but are they easy to pull off? The trick is balance. Alison Sudol complements her bold baby bangs with a tousled A-line bob to create softness and not come off as being too severe.

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Sleek Pixie

Cara Delevingne sleek pixie

Cara Delevingne has had some stellar hair moments, but we’re fawning over this understated chic pixie cut with bangs. And since it has a bit of length, you can play with ways to style it. It’s proof of how versatile a short hairstyle can be.

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Bob With Long, Wispy Bangs

Nicole Richie blonde bob with long, wispy bangs

Although a short bob can appear severe at times, when paired with long, wispy bangs, it takes on a lighter tone. This take on Nicole Richie is undeniably sultry and makes us wonder why we never opted for this bob-bang combo sooner.

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Shag With Thick Bangs

Ciara shag with bangs

Ciara’s shag with thick bangs is effortlessly cool and edgy. Texture is key when it comes to this mussy ‘do, so invest in a good texturizing spray like Verb Volume Dry Texture Spray ($20). Pair with the Huji filter and your layered look is insta gold.

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"The Halle Berry"


Zendaya captioned this photo of her short hair with bangs “Halle Berrrrrrryyyyyyy Halle Berry” and tbh, that feels incredibly accurate. To emulate Zendaya—or Halle Berry—keep sides shorter and retain some length up top. This will give you more room to style as well as highlight contrast.

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Curly Bob and Curtain Bangs

Halle Berry curly bob with curtain bangs

Speaking of Halle Berry, here she is with a gorgeous head of curls and curtain bangs to match. “The curtain bangs have such a ‘wow’ factor because they have so much versatility to them,” says Francis. To style, he recommends either parting bangs in the middle and blending to the sides or keeping them covering the forehead more to allow for natural movement while framing the face.

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Soft Undercut

Profile of woman with soft undercut

A soft bob and bangs go together like coffee and oat milk. This haircut works great if you’ve got thick hair—wavy or straight—since it will remove some weight and add movement. We’re into how both bob and bangs work together to frame the face gorgeously.

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Pixie With Choppy Bangs

Jennifer Hudson pixie with baby bangs

Jennifer Hudson keeps it short and sweet, serving up a contemporary bowl hairdo. She plays up texture with her choppy bangs, which work to soften her minimalist mushroom cut. Très chic, Ms. Hudson.

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Short Pixie With Barely-There Bangs

Zoe Kravitz pixie with barely-there bangs

Super short bangs look super chic when paired with closely-cropped hair. Case in point: Zoë Kravitz (who else?). If your lifestyle is go-go-go, you may be tempted by this cut since it’s both low-maintenance and lovely. “Finish this look with a texturizing product to create definition on the ends,” says Clarke. Our recommendation? Oribe Rough Luxury Soft Molding Paste ($39) to texturize and tame.

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Edgy Crop With Asymmetrical Bangs

Shannyn Sossamon crop with asymmetrical bangs

If you're not looking for anything serious, take a cue from Shannyn Sossamon and consider asymmetrical bangs. They're low-commitment, fun, and totally DIY. The best part? If you mess up, nobody will bat an eye.

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Lob With Piece-y Side Bangs

Choppy gray lob

Expert celebrity hairstylist Ahn Coh Tran does it again with another hit look. This time it’s his modern interpretation of the classic lob. Piece-y side bangs and layers keep things fun and fresh, perfectly complementing the gorgeous gray color. 

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Curly Bob And Bangs

Yara Shahidi natural curly bob with bangs

As mentioned previously, curly girls can wear bangs too, and Yara Shahidi is further living proof. She lets her natural curls do their thing à la a bob and bangs. And since curls need moisture, Clarke recommends starting with a mega treatment like Virtue ColorKick Restorative Treatment Mask ($15). She also notes that Virtue Un-Frizz Cream ($21) is a must, just simply apply to hair and twist in small sections.

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French Bob

French Bob

Is Paris calling? Cut short near the jawline and paired with bangs at brow level, this French-girl bob is blunt on the cut and heavy on the texture. "The French girl chic effect has become such an enviable style choice for women around the world because of how it has a timely sexiness to it without a lot of fuss," says Francis. Francophile or not, this is a haircut that you will obsess over.

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Updo With Heavy Bang

Taylor Swift updo with heavy bang

For those with limp strands and stubborn cowlicks, you’re in for a treat. According to Francis, “A heavy bang like this one on Taylor Swift creates a fullness at the top if you suffer from lack of volume. It is also great If you have a cowlick and want to wear bangs. It makes any updo look chic and pulled together.”

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Shaggy Lob

Kiersey Clemons shaggy blonde lob with bangs

Kiersey Clemons may have been inspired by '90s alternative rock queen Courtney Love with this shaggy blonde lob and red lip. In keeping with the spirit of grunge, she lets her dark roots show and goes for an unkempt finish. Choppy ends and layering help her to achieve this style.

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Chin-Length Bob

Alex Chung chin-length bob with curtain bangs

This chin-length bob is a trendy cut thanks to its effortless vibe. “Make sure the length is cut at the chin, keeping it layer free. Don’t fuss over the styling as it isn’t supposed to be worn as a sleek blowout, but rather a way to embrace the natural bends and texture your hair already has,” says Francis. “To keep hair healthy, consider using a conditioning treatment like Better Natured Hydrating Leave-In Milk ($22),” he adds.

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Blunt and Tousled Bob

Haley Bennett textured blonde bob with bangs

Can we talk about how perfect these blunt, tousled bangs are on Haley Bennett? They’re face-framing and flattering. Sprinkle with flowers for added whimsy or your hair accessory of choice. Since the color needs attention, Clarke suggests cleansing with Virtue Recovery Shampoo ($16) and Conditioner ($17).

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Curly Bob With Side Bangs

Nathalie Emmanuel curly bob with side-swept bangs

If you’re not ready to commit to full-on fringe, take a cue from Nathalie Emmanuel’s natural curly bob. Her side bangs are low-maintenance and simply put, don’t get in the way. A subtle detail that makes all the difference. To give your curls some TLC—and to keep frizz at bay—work a small amount of AG Hair Curl Re:coil Curl Activator ($24) into strands.

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Blunt Bob With Bangs


But seriously, the mod bob with bangs Rih wore way back when at the 2007 MTV VMAs is all kinds of perfection. It pays homage to the ’60s, which, if we’re being honest, is one of our preferred decades for sourcing hair inspo.

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Platinum Pixie

Katy Perry piecey platinum pixie

Pro tip from Katy Perry: A pixie with bangs looks incredible when you’re platinum blonde. This minimalist cut exudes confidence and lets you show off your face. Just be forewarned: “This needs high maintenance and TLC with regular cuts to keep the cut fresh and healthy,” says Clarke.

  • How often should you trim bangs when you have short hair?

    For a specific style, like a short, tailored bob with bangs, you probably need to get a trim or cut every three weeks. This will keep the ends polished and ensure the style remains precise.

  • How do you style a headband on short hair with bangs?

    The important thing when wearing a headband is to ensure the texture of the bangs and the rest of the hair match. So if you have curly hair, ensure the bangs are curly as well, and simply secure the headband on top (so the bangs are still visible, but not perfectly styled). With super-straight tresses, try wearing a stretchy headband above the bangs, wrapped around the entire head.

  • How should you wear bangs if you have short, curly hair?

    To match the texture and flow of the curls, bangs on short, curly hair should be wide (like a curtain style) or fall to one side. This will keep the entire look loose and cohesive.

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